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Eight-Week Active Lunch Challenge

Wednesday 4 January 2017

The Workplace Challenge is targeting inactive employees this January and encouraging them to sign up to the Workplace Challenge programme for free and begin logging their activity.

The first six weeks will involve encouraging individuals to take part in bite size chunks of activity, providing them with exciting examples and opportunities to get active and log their activity through Workplace Challenge.

The final two weeks of the Active Lunch Challenge will allow organisations to promote follow-on activities and events provided locally.

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National Stress Awareness Day

Wednesday 2 November 2016 is National Stress Awareness Day and there's lots you can do to promote mental wellbeing to your staff:

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World Heart Day

World Heart Day on 29 September 2016 is the World Heart Federation's (and the world's!) biggest platform for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease.

Make your staff aware of what they can do to improve their heart health:

What's your heart age?

Stoptober this October 2016

Give your staff their best chance of quitting smoking this Stoptober:

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5 ways to stay fit at work

It's not always easy to fit physical activity into our busy lives but many of the leading causes of disease and disability in our society - including heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes - are linked to an inactive lifestyle.

This month we wrote about our top ways for keeping fit for totaljobs' Inside Job blog.

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Rio 2016: Inspire your staffRio Games 2016

With the Rio Games just around the corner there’s loads of ways you and your organisation can get involved in the fun.

Discover our top four ideas including I am Team GB, top team sports for your staff and Workplace Challenge.

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Come and meet us at Safety & Health Expo

This week we are at the Safety and Health Expo in London's Excel centre, promoting the Health at Work programme. We will be at the exhibition from the 21st - 23rd June. Visit our stand to join Health at Work, talk about our offer and take a sample of our free resources.


Workplace sports offers

Workplace Challenge is here all year round to help you and Workplace Challenge logoyour workplace to enjoy being active.

Check out these sport offers for details of offers for workplaces from National Governing Bodies of Sport and get staff involved in badminton, baseball, golf, dance, tennis and volleyball.

Or, as Euro 2016 approaches why not get you team together for a kickabout or play your company football festival at Goals?

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Workplace Health Week 2016 - are you ready?

Find out more about Workplace Health Week 2016; how you and your colleagues can get involved and kick start a whole summer of activity in your workplace.

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Why does sedentary behaviour matter?

We tell you why reducing your sedentary behaviour is important, the tips which will get you and your staff sitting less during the day and how you can get involved in On Your Feet Britain 2016.

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Read our brand new ideas for getting your staff active

There are lots of ways workplaces can promote getting more active to their staff. But we wanted to offer some ways you might not have thought about already. Read our new ideas:

Active travel in your organisation

Active travel is the means of increasing the amount of physical activity you do by switching part or your entire journey to activity (commonly walking, running or cycling). This can sound daunting but small changes can make a big difference. Find out what you can do to promote active travel in your workplace.

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Are your staff battling the bulge this January?

This month, our Heart Matters team look at whether these 11 diet plans are healthy or a fad? 

Diet can affect your staff's health and work performance. Without regular well-balanced meals or enough water, employees may suffer from headaches, feel sluggish or have difficulty concentrating. Find out how you can encourage your staff to eat well this year.

Have a Merry BHF Quizmas

Quizmas party

December is a time for getting together. And it’s always time for quizzing! So this festive season why not host a Quizmas Party with your colleagues and raise some money for our life saving research?

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7 ways to active spaces

Last month Sport England published their latest version of Active Design: Planning for health and wellbeing through sport and physical activity. We look at how workplaces can implement key recommendations to support their staff.


Be in with a chance of winning this World Heart Day

World Heart Day logo

This month we’re encouraging our members to get involved in World Heart Day by creating ‘healthy heart environments’ in their workplaces.

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Turn office treats into eat well cheats

Pressure to bake your colleagues a birthday treat, or bring back the latest culinary delights from your holidays can lead to munching through those extra calories.

But all is not lost because we’re sharing all the latest healthy eating advice with you and your workplace:

5 cheats for those birthday treats 

6 ways to keep biscuits at bay

Calling all City of London based businesses

Business Healthy logo

To help you support your employees we met with Business Healthy to find out how they are supporting workplaces in the Square Mile. 

Business Healthy was launched by the City of London Corporation to unite the business leadership in meeting the health and wellbeing needs of City workers.

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It’s Bike Week 2015!

To help get your workplace active we featured Bike Week in our monthly enewsletter, giving you top tips on how to get your workplace involved.

Across the UK, cycling has already had a huge impact on improving people’s health with over 600,000 people now commuting to work through the cycle to work scheme

  • 97% of employers saw the scheme as crucial in helping to achieve a healthier workplace
  • 90% of scheme users noticed a health benefit from starting to cycle to work

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Workers are encouraged to find ways to stand for an extra two hours a day

The British Journal of Sports Medicine warns that sitting down for too long could be a 'silent killer' and advocates the use of sit-stand desks for office based workers.

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Research reveals that nearly two thirds of working adults in England do not know the physical activity guidelines.

Conclusions drawn from the research indicate that employers can play an important part in educating employees about physical activity guidelines. 

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Industries with the highest smoking rates revealed

It has been found that Accommodation and food service workers are more likely to smoke than workers in any other UK industry. Smoking just one to four cigarettes a day can triple your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Support smokers in your workforce to quit this No Smoking Day by signing up for a campaign pack. Holding a launch event is a great way to raise awareness and unite those taking on the challenge. 

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Workers report that their jobs are negatively impacting their health

A survey of UK workers finds that many feel their jobs are leading to unhealthy behaviours. The British Heart Foundation are urging employers to support their employees to take care of their health. Our 10 minute quick guides offer tips and advice for making healthy lifestyle changes.  

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UK workers are risking their health by putting off medical appointments

British Heart Foundation research finds that millions of UK workers are putting their health at risk by postponing important medical appointments because of their work. The results of this research emphasise the need for employers to support health and wellbeing in the workplace.

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Alcohol Calorie Labelling

RSPH logoThe Royal Society for Public Health has published a position paper calling for all alcoholic products to carry calorie labelling. A survey, commissioned by the charity, revealed over 80% of people did not know how many calories were in a large glass of wine. The RSPH believe raising awareness of the ‘invisible’ calories in alcohol is an important step in tackling alcohol related weight gain. 

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New Alcohol at Work Guide

The Health at Work team is very excited to announce the launch of our Alcohol at Work Guide. The booklet is an essential guide to raising alcohol awareness in the workplace. It includes a host of information, ranging from guidance on alcohol calorie content, to great ideas for events and activities to hold in your workplace.

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