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Schoolchildren doing BHF AllStar Games tug of war

AllStar Games

Hold a sports day indoors or outside to raise money to help beat heartbreak forever.

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A simple, maximum flexibility fundraiser

Teachers and group leaders have told us how much they love holding an AllStar Games sponsored fundraiser:

  • Keep 20% of offline fundraising for your school or youth group
  • We provide support and all you need, from wristbands to a step-by-step event planner
  • You can add this on to your existing sports day, or hold a bespoke event at any time of year to suit your children
  • Fundraising for the BHF is relevant for all children - all of us have been affected, whether a loved one has vascular dementia or a child at your school is one of the estimated 50,000 schoolchildren living with a heart condition.

    Get your free pack

    AllStar Games works any time of year, indoors or outside. With a range of sporting options ranging from track and field events to egg and spoon and wheelbarrow races, along with an easy sponsorship ask, BHF AllStar Games sets up your class, school or group, to smash it on the day and raise money to beat heartbreak.


    Free resources for your school or group

    We give you all the resources you need to run the day as well as access to our online hub. You can go as big as you want to, inviting parents or keeping it within your regular timetable. 

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    school children doing activities

    The pack was really useful. I think the activity cards and ideas for races were great. This was the first fundraising pack that I've ever received that looked like it had been created with the real workings of schools in mind. The fact that it was so accessible and adaptable plus the excellent feedback after the event from parents, staff and children - it made me want to make it an annual event.
    Vicki Morris, PE Coordinator"

    Keep up to 20% of your fundraising

    Not only do you receive all the support and resources you need to run your AllStars event, your school or youth group also gets to keep up to 20% of the total offline fundraising, to use towards new resources and materials.

    The total sponsorship money raised is split between the group and the British Heart Foundation. You will retain up to 20% to support your activities and 80% is sent to us to help fund essential research into the causes and treatment of heart and circulatory diseases, patient care and support.

    How your fundraising helps

    Before the British Heart Foundation, only one in five babies with heart problems survived more than a year - but our life saving research has changed this.

    Now, four in five babies born with heart problems get the chance to go to school.

    We couldn't do this without support from schools like yours, but we still need your help, so why not get your school to fundraise for the BHF this year?  

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