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Got a question about Face a Fear? Here's everything you need to know!

About Face a Fear

What is Face a Fear?

Face a Fear is a one-of-a-kind BHF fundraising event. This July, thousands of people were sponsored to face their biggest fear. Afraid of heights, do a parachute jump! Scared of spiders, touch one! The money raised will help fund our life saving research.  

What are the dates for Face a Fear?

Face a Fear ran from 1 July 2018 to 31 July 2018. Face a Fear 2018 has now finished and sign up is closed.

Can I only face my fear during July?

We encourage people to face their fear in July as there will be lots of tips and support available via the website and email. But you can still face your fear in a different month. You won’t be able to sign up via the website, but you can fundraise and pay in your donations via the BHF website. When paying in, put ‘Face a Fear 2018’ in the ‘Event’ box.

Do I have to face one of the fears suggested, or can I pick my own?

We've listed on the website some of the most common fears people in the UK have, which includes heights, snakes, mice and rats, public speaking and spiders. If your fear is not on that list, you can still face it by selecting ‘Other’ on the sign up form.

Do I have to do one of the suggested challenges or can I pick my own?

We've suggested challenges for the different fears, but you can face your fear in any way you choose.


Do I have to raise a minimum amount?

No, there is no minimum amount you have to raise. But we do encourage you to raise as much money as possible by telling lots of people about the challenge and getting them to sponsor you. This will help fund our life saving research into heart and circulatory diseases, and their risk factors. Why not set yourself a fundraising target on your JustGiving page to keep you motivated?

Do I need to set up a JustGiving page?

Yes. During the sign up process for Face a Fear you will be prompted to create your own JustGiving page, or to login to your existing account if you already have on.

If you have any issues setting up your page when you sign up, you can also set one up by visiting The BHF on the JustGiving site and selecting the 'Face a Fear 2018' event.

How can I collect sponsorship?

JustGiving - We’ll help you set up a JustGiving page when you sign up. You can customise it, share it and accept donations through it.

Text to donate - When you sign up to JustGiving you’ll get a unique text code, so friends and family can donate through their phones.

Cash donations - You can accept cash donations, too. Just pop the money into your account then donate through our website. Be sure to select 'Face a Fear 2018' as the event. See below for more information on paying in cash donations. 

How can I pay in cash?

Cheques should be made payable to The British Heart Foundation and sent to:

Face a Fear. British Heart Foundation,

Lyndon Place, 2096 Coventry Road,

Sheldon, Birmingham,

B26 3YU.

Please do not send cash in the post.

You can pay over the phone using your debit or credit card by calling 0300 3303 322.

You can also pay in on the BHF website. Please select Face a Fear 2018 from the drop-down menu.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a Government scheme that allows charities to claim the tax that supporters have already paid on their donations. We can claim 25p on every £1 donated by your supporters if they tick the Gift Aid box when they donate through JustGiving.

To allow us to claim Gift Aid, you must be a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient income and/or capital gains tax to cover the amount BHF will reclaim in each tax year. Only individuals, not companies, can Gift Aid their donations.

Can donors split their sponsorship money with another charity?

We can’t stop you from doing this, but as we are providing the resources for your event we would obviously prefer it if all the money raised funded the BHF’s research. However, if you wish to do this, you can via the Virgin Money Giving.

Will I get a receipt or a thank you for the money I raise?

JustGiving should send you regular thank you emails when your sponsors donate. The BHF will send you out a thank you email at the end of the campaign. Offline donations will be thanked by post within 5-7 working days.

How long do I have to pay my money in?

We would like you to pay your money in as soon as possible after the event, but we understand it can take time to receive donations. If you pay in by midnight on 31 August 2018, you may be eligible to receive our fundraising rewards.

How is the money I raise spent?

The money you raise goes towards funding research into heart and circulatory diseases, and their risk factors. Last year, we spent £120 million on this life saving research.

Signing up to Face a Fear

How do I sign up?

Visit our sign up page and find everything you need to get started.

Is there a registration fee?

No, signing up to Face a Fear is free! However, we do encourage everyone to raise as much as they can to help fund the our life saving research.

Is there an age limit?

You must be over 18 to take part in Face a Fear. This is because some of the challenges we are encouraging people to take on have age restrictions. However, you can sign up and complete a challenge on behalf of someone who is under 18.

Can I sign up with a team?

You can’t sign up as part of a team, but families, friends and colleagues can sign to face their fear too. Be brave together and raise money for the BHF.

How do I get started?

  1. Decide which fear to face
  2. Sign up. A JustGiving fundraising page will be set up for you at the same time
  3. Start planning your challenge
  4. Tell your friends and family and get them to sponsor you
  5. Film or take photos of you completing your challenge and upload them to social media using the campaign hashtag #FaceAFear

What happens after I've signed up?

You will be sent a welcome email with everything you need to get started, including a planning checklist to support you in setting up your fear challenge.

You will receive emails from us throughout July to provide you with inspiration, motivation, and fundraising tips and tools. You can also 'like' the dedicated Face a Fear Facebook page, which will have lots of advice, tips and general good humour on it!

What support will I get?

When you sign up you will be sent an email with a Face a Fear challenge planning pack and checklist to help you set up your challenge. You can also download this via the website.

We also have lots of online fundraising tips, advice and planning tools that you can download for free.

I’m having problems signing up or signing in

Please email [email protected] with a description of your problem and screen shots if possible, and someone from the team will be able to assist you. Alternatively, you can call 0300 3303 322.

Taking on the challenge

Do you have any companies I can contact to help set up my challenge?

We have a dedicated page for each fear available via the Face a Fear website. Each challenge has ideas of types of companies you could contact to arrange your challenge.

Am I expected to spend my own money to set up my challenge?

For some of the challenges there may well be a cost you need to pay. This will depend on how you decide to face your fear.

How do I let you know once I've completed my challenge?

Let the world know how brave you are by sharing your challenge on social media using the hashtag #FaceAFear.


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