Fundraising and walking resources

Need a little help with getting your charity walk started? Our fundraising and walking resources will help you!

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Fundraising kit 

When you sign up to Just Walk, we'll send you a free fundraising kit to help get you started. The kit includes lots of great resources to help you plan your walk, as well as support you on the walk itself.

Dress to impress

Show everyone who you are fundraising for by wearing a BHF branded t-shirt, water bottle, or pedometer to help with your Just Walk fundraising from our Online Shop.

Share your fundraising

Want to tell people all about Just Walk? Why not download our poster to let everyone know what you're doing and how they can sponsor you? You could even ask them to take part too.

Set up a fundraising page

Setting up your very own JustGiving page is quick and easy. Once you've logged on, select 'doing your own thing' for the event selection, then click on 'personal walk' as the event type. Create a page and share with all your friends, family and colleagues. It's a simple way to raise money and spread the word.

Walking apps

Need some extra help mapping out your walk? Why not take a look at our top seven walking apps that you can download for free.

Injury prevention

Warming-up and stretching before exercise can help prevent injury.

If you do have a pre-existing injury or any uncertainties about your fitness abilities, always seek specialist advice as soon as possible before taking part in Just Walk.

Check out our video demonstrating a few strength and flexibility exercises to help get you up and walking!


Nutrition can play a significant role in how well you perform during exercise. We have plenty of healthy recipes available to give you the energy you need for your walk. Check out our healthy eating toolkit on Heart Matters for tailored recipes and ideas.

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