Carla's story

Carla Just Walker

Heart disease can strike at any time, and it can happen to anyone. Read about Carla's walk in memory of her dad.

"My dad loved to walk. He would walk anywhere and everywhere.

I remember every fortnight after a walk with Mum he would meet up with my aunt at his favourite pub for some tea.

The day that Dad died was such a shock. It was the worst day of my life.

He had been complaining of a pain in his shoulder. But he thought the pain was down to lifting a microwave earlier that day.

Later that evening he died at the wheel of his car. He was just 61.

He didn’t smoke or drink and he had done six miles on his exercise bike only that day.

We found out that the arteries in his heart were blocked causing him to suffer a heart attack. 

A year later, to mark the anniversary of Dad’s death I decided I wanted to do something that he loved.

I planned a walk with five of my friends, and raised money for the BHF. 

The walk started from my house and we picked Dad’s favourite pub as our finishing line, about nine miles away.

It took us a couple of hours, and by the end we were looking forward to a drink and a sit down.

We managed to raise £1,034. I was so pleased.  

I couldn't help my dad, but hopefully I can help someone else's."

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