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Humans evolved a fear of snakes over millions of years. How are you going to overcome that?

Stroke snakes

Face the Basilisk

If snakes slither through your nightmares, the thought of touching one probably turns your blood cold. Get in touch with a local zoo or pet shop to finally face your fear.

We think you can raise£75

I'll touch a snake

Wrangle a reptile

Take on the king cobra of challenges

Don’t let your fear of reptiles rule your life. Head to a local zoo or pet shop, pick up a snake and get face to face with a forked tongue.

We think you can raise£150

I'll hold a snake

Hug a snake

Get the ultimate selfie

I’ve had it with this damn fear of these damn snakes! Put your fears to rest once and for all by having a writhing reptile wrapped around you. This will make the ultimate selfie.

We think you can raise£200

I'll hug a snake

Got a question?

Do you have a question about how to face your fear of snakes? Don’t worry, we have a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you beat your fear.

Read our FAQs

Got a better idea?

If you’ve got another way to face your fear of snakes, sign up now and show us how it’s done.

I'll face snakes my own way

Challenge someone!

Do you know someone afraid of snakes? Tag them in a social media post and challenge them to face their fear and raise money for the BHF.

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