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In the UK, there are almost as many rats and mice as there are people. It’s no wonder so many of us are scared of them! Face your fear of rodents today.

Meet a mouse

Make friends with Mickey

It scuttles. It squeaks. And someday soon it could be sitting in your hand! Ask a local zoo, pet shop or even a friend if you can hold one of their rats or mice.

Join the pack

Can you hold on for a minute?

Does holding a wriggling pack of mice make you want to run a mile? If you can bear holding them for a minute, you could conquer your fear and feel incredible.

Be a mouse mat

Lie back and let the pack do their worst!

Lie back and let the pack do their worst! You’ll squeal and squeak, but you’ll feel fearless once it’s over. Let a pack of these furry friends use you as a climbing frame for a minute and show fear who is boss.

Got a question?

Do you have a question about how to face your fear of rodents? Don’t worry, we have a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you beat your fear.

Read our FAQs

Got a better idea?

You can face your fear of mice and rats in your own way.

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