Supporter Stories

Hear from our previous Heart Flyers about their experience and why they chose to skydive for the British Heart Foundation


DJ Roberto wearing skydiving gear

Better known for being the voice of Heart FM’s evening request show, Roberto was inspired to skydive for the BHF after learning the importance of looking after your heart health.

As a baby, Roberto was diagnosed with a hole in his heart. Growing up in Oakwood, North London, he underwent twice-yearly check-ups, after doctors decided against complicated surgery.

"I wanted to take on a new challenge, and skydiving for the BHF is something I’ll never forget."

When he got older, Roberto began to put on a lot of weight and by the time he reached 26 he weighed over 23 stone. Suddenly something clicked and Roberto decided to turn his life around, for the sake of his heart. By changing his diet and getting fit, Roberto lost over eight stone.

“I was certainly nervous before my skydive - it was a good job I wasn’t near a microphone that day! But I wanted to take on a new challenge, and skydiving for the BHF is something I’ll never forget.”

Rebecca Bleeze

Rebecca skydiving for the BHF

I have been raising money for the British Heart Foundation, a charity whose work is close to home. My Dad has had heart problems since I was twelve years old. Additionally, over the past couple of years my Uncle Michael has been bravely battling a heart condition. I know that the technology and techniques that have been used to help the pair of them would not be possible without continuing research from the British Heart Foundation. 

Although I was terrified at the idea of doing a skydive, I really wanted to set myself a challenge and experience the thrill and adrenaline rush!

On Monday morning I got to the airfield at 7am to make sure I was in the first plane of the day. Finally at 11am I heard over the tannoy ‘let’s do this’ and that was my cue to go!

I had a mixed emotions of excitement and nerves. When it came to jumping out the plane the feeling was so surreal but also incredible at the same time.

I still can’t believe I have done it! The skydive was a crazy but amazing experience! I realised as I was launched out of the plane that I had never actually thought about this moment as I was so convinced that it wasn’t going to happen! It just made it even more unreal! 
So I did it! I finished my challenge for the British Heart foundation - a skydive from 12000 ft. in exactly the same air field where my Uncle Michael had learnt to parachute 20ish years ago! I have now raised £1052.50 (including offline sponsors and gift aid) to help those with a heart condition just like him!