A young woman with a fundraising bucket

Now that you've registered to jump, we ask that you raise a minimum of £400. This will cover the cost of your jump, as well as raising money to fund our fight against heart disease. We've got a few tips here to make your fundraising as easy and fun as possible.

Most of our Heart Flyers sign up and jump 3 months later. To get your fundraising started we've created a plan below on how to reach your target easily!

Month 1 - £100 raised

  • After signing up setting up a JustGiving page is one of the best ways to get your fundraising started. Anyone can sponsor you wherever they are, and you can keep everyone updated on your progress.
  • Once you've got your JustGiving page spread the word across your social media platforms - JustGiving makes this easy with shareable posts. Let everyone know why you're taking part.

Set up your JustGiving page

Month 2 - £300 raised

  • Get your fundraising offline and spread the word among your physical networks - this could be work, school, family or clubs/groups you're a part of. Try listing down all the different groups you're a part of and how you can approach them.
  • Why not support your fundraising with some mini fundraisers - bake sales can easily raise £50, alternatively you could consider a quiz night or get creative! Let everyone know it's for a great cause and watch the funds come in.

2 weeks before the jump date - £400 raised

  • Give your fundraising one last push by sharing your JustGiving page again. Let everyone know what you've been up to and how excited your are for the big day!
  • Remember you need to have raised £400 two weeks before your jump date - if you haven't we may need to postpone your jump, please get in touch with the team by calling 0300 330 3322 or emailing [email protected]