Promote your fundraiser

A woman with a BHF red foam finger Social media is all about engaging with people and sharing information, which makes it the best tool at your disposal. It’s a fast, free way to promote your event, and share your stories, news and successes.

Our top fundraising tips for using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • Tweet and tell people information about what you're doing and why.
  • Share a link to your online fundraising page. 
  • Follow relevant people, local businesses and important people in your community. If they follow you back it might open up new opportunities for help with your event or donations.
  • @reply your close connections on Twitter and ask them to retweet your tweets.
  • Remember, if you want everyone who’s following you to see your tweets don’t include an @name at the front of your message.
  • Try and mention @thebhf as we love to see your tweets!
  • Communicate with people outside of your followers by using a hashtag. Make hashtags relevant and always use your local area (like #Cambridge).
  • Update your Facebook status about your fundraising, tell people why you're doing it, share a link to your online fundraising page.
  • If you're hosting an event, create an event on Facebook to invite friends and followers.
  • Upload photos to Instagram to engage people every step of the way and be sure to use hashtags to help you reach more people.
  • Update friends on your preparation so they know how much work you’re putting into raising money for our life saving research.
  • Don't forget your BHF merchandise to feature in your selfies.

Social media pictures

Use these on your profile or when you're posting updates about your fundraising. 

Get your local media involved

Publicising your event in the local media is a great way to attract support, while raising awareness of our life saving research. Find your local papers contact details in your newspaper or online. Remember, it’s always worth following your press release up with a phone call.

Tips for putting together a press release 

  • Register your event and receive expert guidance on event promotion from our team.
  • Download your free press release templates. There are pre event and post event templates available below. Fill in all the sections in red to personalise your press release, and remember to reformat it to make sure all brackets are gone and text is black before sending.  
  • Take a great photo to go with your press release.
  • Contact your local newspaper and send them your press release and photo. 

Press release templates

Tips for taking a good photo in the press

A photo can make or break a story getting coverage.

  • High resolution – In order for a journalist to use your photos, they need to be a good size and quality. The photos should ideally be over 1MB in size.
  • Take a range of photos – try and get a variety of different photos. A mixture of action shots or posed group shots.  
  • Good lighting – try and take photos in places where there is good lighting. This will improve the quality of the photos and make them much clearer.
  • Portrait and landscape – remember to take photos both portrait and landscape to send to the newspaper.

Kick-start your fundraising

Order or download your free fundraising pack for guidance, donation forms and inspiring fundraising materials. 

Get your fundraising pack

We're here to help you with your fundraising. If you have a question, call us on 0300 330 3322 between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.