Raise more money at your event

Would you like to know how to raise more money? To help power our life saving research into heart and circulatory disease.

There are hundreds of ways. Below are a few suggestions for things you can do to meet and beat your target.

Why not have a raffle?

Raffles are a great way to complement a fundraising event. They’re also very flexible. You can shape them however you want. For instance, ask local businesses to donate prizes and sell tickets on the day.

Play it safe with a tombola

Ask people to donate prizes. Have a large number, between 30 to 50 prizes. They can be anything from lollipops to badges. Add a number to each prize, and people buy tickets, with matching tickets winning the item with that number.

It’s all in the competition

You could run a competition. This could mean anything. You’re spoilt for choice. It could be a card game. Try and make it as eye-catching as possible. Maybe try ‘higher or lower,’ but with giant playing cards.

Grow and sell vegetables

If you have a bit more time to play with, you could get started several months beforehand by growing your own vegetables. Sell them at the event as a healthy alternative to a bake sale. There’s very little that’s more satisfying than watching something you’ve planted grow. Well, maybe if what’s grown is used to fund medical research…

Game, set, MATCH

No, not a table tennis tournament, although that’s not a bad idea, either. Ask your local bank to come along, or a couple of their employees. They might be able to get a matched donation and help boost your fundraising, while giving them a more charitable reputation in the community.

The grand raffle

If you have a particularly impressive prize to give away, then perhaps have a special raffle for this individual prize. The ticket prices could be slightly higher, maybe £5 for a single ticket. This could add a bit of excitement to your event and make the prize-draw that little bit more dramatic.

Silence is golden

Another way of dealing with prizes that are too expensive for a standard raffle is by holding a silent auction. People write bids on ballot papers and then hand them in. Whoever bids the highest wins the prize.

Kick-start your fundraising

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