How to organise a raffle

A raffle can be a quick and fun way to boost your fundraising while getting as much support from friends, family and colleagues as possible.

This is also a great way to offer prizes in return for fundraising donations. 

Getting your raffle together 

Holding a raffle at your existing fundraising activity event is a great additional booster for fundraising. 

For example, this could be held during a coffee morning, at a fashion show event or your next golfing tournament. Make sure you leave enough time to source the prizes for your raffle. 

For tickets, you could use the iconic blue/green/pink/yellow strips, or to be even more cost effective, create your own! 

Sourcing the prizes 

The fun part… give yourself enough time to contact as many businesses as possible. Not only will this make the process a lot easier, but you might be able to maximise the number of prizes available and in turn maximise the number of tickets sold. Try to speak to more businesses that are nearby, they may be more willing to support local fundraising. Door to door fundraising can be an effective and easy way to collect as many prizes as possible. 


Make use of your relationships, do you know anyone who works somewhere that would be willing to get involved or do they have a connection to an artist, celebrity or sports professional you could get some signed memorabilia from? Think outside the box, sourcing some great prizes can really amplify your hardworking efforts to raise money for lifesaving research. 


It would also be worth having a think about the people you’ll be selling the raffles to; you could tailor the prizes to really entice those ticket sales! Lastly, have a think about how much you’ll sell the tickets for, value up how much your prizes are worth and how many people you’ll potentially be selling to.  

The important bits 

There are some requirements you’ll need to be aware of before holding your raffletake a look at the Gambling Commission advice page where you’ll find some more information on holding a raffle if you’re unsure. Be safe, and have fun! 

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