How to organise a football tournament fundraiser

Dare to Zlatan and raise some money by having a 5-a-side football competition.

Here's how to plan your fundraising tournament and fund lifesaving research to help beat heartbreak forever. 

Before your tournament

There are a few things to think about before your 5-a-side tournament.


You can’t play without a pitch, so first have a think about your location.

  • Get in touch with your local sports club - they should have an AstroTurf pitch. This will be the best option because AstroTurf pitches are usually smaller, designed specifically for 5-a-side games.
  • If there’s not an AstroTurf pitch near you, then hopefully there’s a local football pitch. You won’t want to use the full length of the pitch because that will involve an awful lot of running. Consider getting some cones to half the pitch and make goals on either side, rather than at the ends.
  • School or university grounds often have football pitches where you can do the same thing and use cones to make an appropriate size of pitch.
  • Failing all of these, there’s always the local park.

Promote your tournament

  • Promote your tournament and post on social media so everyone in your personal network knows what you’ve got planned. This will be the quickest way to get people involved.
  • Get in touch with your local press, whether that’s the radio or newspaper. Your local Fundraising Manager can help you write a press release.
  • Put posters up on town notice boards with contact details and instructions for how people/already established teams can sign up.
  • If there are no community notice boards in your area you should find that there are often notice boards in supermarkets.


You’ll need to organise teams.

  • How many teams are you going to have? Ask your friends, family, and work colleagues. There may also be people who respond to your posters on notices boards, including full teams.
  • Assign positions beforehand based on who’s good at what.


Who’s playing who? You’ll need to set up schedules. Team A plays team B. Team C plays team D. Then the two winners play each other. If there are more teams, have a knock-out.


Determine how you’ll gather sponsorship.

  • Setting up a JustGiving page is probably the best way of managing your sponsorship. You can mention your page across all the forms of publicity that you’re using.
  • Set up a sponsorship form, which people can get on the day, or ask for in advance.


  • Make badges to help promote the event.
  • You’ll need to produce some leaflets, so consider who might be able to print them for you and what they’ll be made from. Make sure to link to the cause of your charitable activities.
  • It might be a good idea to have team kits.

Keeping it safe and legal

See our guidance for planning safe and legal fundraisers in aid of the BHF.  


We have a range of resources, such as posters, and information about us. 

During your football competition

Now have a think about what you’ll need to do during your tournament.

  • Take pictures of the event.
  • Consider refreshments – people, especially the players, are going to get thirsty.
  • Set up a place for people to put in donations.
  • Consider an event at half time to keep the audience engaged.
  • Find an opportunity to speak publicly about why you’re fundraising for the BHF.
  • If it’s a big event, consider having a smaller event like an outdoor BBQ or a raffle draw running alongside it.

After your football fundraiser

There are a few things you’ll want to do once the event’s over.

  • Share your photos on Facebook and JustGiving.
  • Share your event success with your local Fundraising Manager.
  • Pay in the money you raise.

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