Personal fundraisers

Woman cheering after finishing a race

You don’t need to set up a big event to raise a lot of money. Small personal fundraisers can make just as big of an impact as any other.

Head shave

Shaving your head is a great and easy way to raise money! Simply set up a Just Giving page and get the word out through social media channels. Put up some photos of before and after. If you need some inspiration of how effective social media advertising can be, take a look at our fundraisers story

Sports Challenge

Are you looking for the next big challenge? Or wanting to get into fitness or generally live a healthy lifestyle? Then take a look at one of our local events coming up in your area and try to challenge yourself.

Just giving

Making a donation in memory of a loved one is a positive way of remembering them while supporting us, to help find the cures and treatments to beat heart and circulatory diseases. Set up a Just Giving page and share your support through social media.

Lent it out

Why not take that much needed break away from technology by giving it up for lent and challenge yourself to spend a week or more camping under the stars? Just be sure someone is looking after your home while you are away.