Halloween fundraising ideas

Give heart disease a fright this October. Host a Halloween fundraiser and raise funds for the lifesaving research of the BHF.

Monster Money

Host a Halloween office party and have a costume competition. You could even team up with someone else in the office and have a joint costume. Not in a pantomime horse way, more like Frankenstein and his monster, Bonnie and Clyde, or go all out and organise a full Addams Family.

Scary Questions

Have a Halloween-themed quiz with your team. Maybe with a twist. Have a round or two of classic party games, like ducking for apples and wrap the mummy. Remember to stock up on loo-roll.

Prized Pumpkins

How about a pumpkin carving competition? Everyone can donate to their favourite pumpkin, and whoever gets the most overall wins. There could be certain challenges, too. For instance, if anyone’s able to carve the world map into their pumpkin, they get a special prize.

Trick or Treat Trail

Invite members of the community to include their house in a Trick or Treat Trail as a ‘decorated haunted house.’ Each house pays to get involved, and every visitor can give a small donation to each house they visit. There could be a prize for the best house, or the house that raises the most money.

Get your treat

Download or order you fundraising pack for all the best material, inspiration and little treats.


Call us on 0300 330 322 if you need any further fundraising advice. Our support team is available to help 9-5, Monday to Friday.