Office fundraising ideas

Office workers playing a game balancing a pencil

Make your office’s first order of business raising money for the BHF’s life saving medical research.

Makin Bakin

Everyone in the office brings in something that they’ve baked. There could be a donation for every slice eaten, this way we can get gift aid. There could even be an elected judging panel that awards the best three cakes with rosettes, and the worst cake with a wooden spoon.

Paint it red

Everyone taking part donates money for painting their face red or wearing something red. Maybe one donation per red item. So if you’re feeling generous, you could roll up in red shoes, socks, trousers, t-shirt, jacket, with your face painted red with a red wig on.

Test the chef

We could supply the office with healthy recipes and each week or month, a new chef could step up and bring in food they’ve made at home for everyone’s lunch. Everyone could pay what they usually spend on lunch, and everything raised goes to the BHF. Of course, there may be a chef who wants a few turns, which is fine. Some offices may have sufficient kitchen equipment, and the chosen person could cook at the office.

Charity Ball

Glamour, delicious food, fabulous entertainment, music and dancing – all wrapped up into one sparkling evening. Holding a charity ball or dinner is a very special way of bringing people together to raise money for life saving research. So check out our how to guide for fundraising tips and get set to enjoy an unforgettable night!

I Swear

Have a swear jar in the office. Make a list of the incriminating words beforehand, and how much each word will cost you. Donate all the proceeds to the BHF.

Step to it

The office could take on a step challenge. Set a target of 10,000 per person for a month. Put a small donation in for every day you fall short of your target. Everyone will feel healthy themselves, whilst feeling the glow from helping the health of other people.

Wash for cash

If your office has a car park, then you could host a carwash once a month. People could give donations to the BHF instead of paying for the service. This could be a fun activity that gets everyone out of the office and doing some exercise. Because washing a car is not short of elbow grease. It’s certainly a bit soapy, so remember to bring spare clothes (and donations).

Sweeping statements

An office sweepstake is an old staple that’s very easy to organise and nowhere near short of themes to choose from. There are big sports events like the World Cup, the Olympics, or for one more frequent, Wimbledon. Or take a popular TV programme like Strictly or Bake-Off.

Foreign Coins

Everyone brings in all the leftover notes and coins from their latest holiday. Entrust someone to gather everyone’s contributions and take it to get exchanged and donated.

Office sports day

Why not get the office together and get in touch with their inner child. Egg and spoon race. Tug of war. Anything you want to do. We have a great how to guide to give you some tips and ideas of how to organise this event.

Signing Off

If you have an online page for donations, then link it in your email signature. Everyone could link their own JustGiving page. In that way, everyone you speak to will know about it and can donate if they want.

Head to head

Have an interdepartmental competition, where departments go head to head to achieve a specific goal set at the beginning. The specific goal could be anything – having to fill a container with money before any other department fills theirs. Or a department v department quiz, where the losing teams all make donations.

Branch on Branch

If you have more than one office, find out the distance between the offices and set up a static bike with a map to show the distance. Team members work together to complete the cycle as the 'pin' on the map moves to show how far they’ve travelled. This would be a great friendly competition to hold in each office. Who can raise the most? Who can complete the challenge the fastest?

Start the flow

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