Fundraising ideas for remote workers

Happy excited woman at home workstation

Even if you’re not all in one place, you and your colleagues can take part in fundraising activities that help fund lifesaving research.

Out of the dark room

Get all the budding picture takers out of the woodwork by having a photography competition. Everyone who enters will pay a fee, and the winner gets a donated prize.

Sweep in and save the day

A sweepstake is an old staple that’s very easy to organise and nowhere near short of themes to choose from. There are big sporting events like the World Cup, the Olympics, or for one more frequent, Wimbledon. Or take a popular TV programme like Strictly or Bake-Off.

Bucket collection

Make this event as fun and unique as you want. It can be really enjoyable meeting new people and hearing new stories. Check out our how to guide in how to organise a collection.

Pro baller or Amateur?

Set up a fantasy football league online –there’s even an app - and everyone can take part from wherever they are. Whoever’s involved could pay an entry fee, and there could be weekly penalties, no pun intended, for specific things. If one of your players scores an own-goal, for instance, then you top up your donation.

All quiet on the auction front

You could have a silent auction, and everyone can place their bids from afar. Maybe set up a Facebook group with everyone involved so that you can announce the winner.

Start the flow

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