Fundraising with colleagues

A group of people doing a bucket collection

Fundraising at work is a piece of cake. We've put together some tried and tested ideas for you to get your colleagues involved.

A red man with a x over his mouth

Sponsored silence

An oldie but a goodie. Why not try to get the whole team involved too – or maybe even your boss?

Hold a dress down day

Ask your colleagues for a donation to take part. Why not take it a bit further and get everyone to dress in red?

an animated cake

Bake sale

If you can’t bring yourselves to cut out the cake, charge people to eat it instead! Organise a few colleagues to bake their best showstoppers. Another easy way to bring in the dough.

Kissing wall

an animated set of lipsStick a large piece of card up on the wall and ask all your colleagues to put on some red lippy, pucker up and plant the biggest, boldest kiss they can - on the wall, not each other!

Hold a ‘Guess the lips’ competition, where people make a donation and put names to the kisses, with the highest number of correct guesses winning a prize. You can get them to vote on the best smacker too, with a ‘Perfect Pout’ award.

Skip the snacks

Are you a sweet-toothed bunch? Why not ditch the doughnuts for the day? Donate what you would have spent to the BHF.

Sell a service or skills

The chances are you work with a talented bunch of people. Convince them to give up a bit of time for free. From guitar lessons to handmade knits, from fancy food to make up tips. Auction everything off. You’ll be saving lives in no time.

an animated exercise bikeGet an exercise bike in the office

Hold a cycling or rowing relay – how quickly can you and your colleagues cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats?

How fast can you row the Thames? Get your colleagues who don’t want to get sweaty to sponsor you. Or draw lots, getting people to guess how long it will take.

Become a partner

There are a number of ways your company can support the British Heart Foundation, through strategic partnerships to nominating us as Charity of the Year.

As the nation's heart charity, we're partnered with companies of all sizes, all over the UK who in turn help us make a real difference in our mission to beat heartbreak. Find out how your company can help. 

Fundraising in an office or a remote location

Need fundraising ideas for a specific work environment? We have ideas for fundraising in an office, as well as for fundraising with colleagues who work remotely.

Kick-start your fundraising

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