Fundraising games

Children playing tug of war Adding additional fundraising games are a great way to increase sponsorship and make your event even more fun and successful.

Trivia quiz

Make it as simple or as broad as you like. Add in more fun and enjoyable ways to present the quiz. Include song snippets, movie scenes, charades or vocal pitch matching to make the quiz more enjoyable. If you are unsure how to organise this, take a look at our helpful guide for inspiration.



This fun and competitive game is great for any age. Get a rope. Make your centre point, and test your strength.


Darts challenge

Fancy challenging your friends to a friendly game of Darts? Make it more competitive by testing your skills with different darts games such as around the clock or cricket. 



Love bingo? Then why not play a good old fashioned round or 3 of bingo at your fundraising event? You can even have prizes for each line or full house – donated by family or friends


Swear Jar

Make a list of the incriminating words beforehand, and how much each word will cost you. Donate all the proceeds to the BHF.