Fundraising ideas for university and RAG groups

A group of young adults planning a fundraising event

Have fundraising events at your university and help power the next breakthrough in the British Heart Foundation’s pioneering medical research.

Bring out the boffins


See who’s been dozing in lectures by hosting a quiz at your student union. Bring your tutors along if you want a real challenge. The shape of the quiz is totally up to you. To mix things up, we’d suggest a physical game for one round. For example, a member of each team could be nominated to shoot mini hoops.


Parched march


Challenge yourself to a dry month and go alcohol-free. It doesn’t have to be March. Have people sponsor you. They could agree to donate a set fee per day, and donate for however many days you manage. Encourage your friends to join your cause and have a dry month as well.


Fashion show 


Are you looking to explore fashion, event management or advertising? Well sew, blog and organise yourself a fashion show and gather your friends to put together an unforgettable project. Take a look at our how to guide for hints and tips on how to set up a fashion show. 



Funds N Roses


Key teasers, string strummers, drum rollers, stage-divers, crowd-surfers, assemble and let’s rock the house with a battle of the bands. Sell tickets for the event and sell refreshments.


Empty orchestra


For those that don’t know, Karaoke comes from Japan and its direct translation is ‘empty orchestra.’ So you could fill some fundraising tins by having a karaoke. Choose a theme, have a judging panel if you have nerves of tungsten, set some challenges, make it your own.


Barn dance 


A barn dance, also known as a ceilidh, is an entertaining evening of dancing with music provided by a live band and a caller to keep everyone on their toes. It’s perfect for all ages and abilities and infectiously good fun! Just follow the steps to our how to guide.


Glad rags


Have a ‘bring and buy’ fashion sale. Promote it around campus with posters and flyers, asking those who attend to bring a few items that they no longer want to add to the sale. If you see anything you like, it’s yours. For a small fee, of course.

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