Fundraising ideas for community groups

Group enjoying a summer BBQ


How quizzical


See if the local might host a pub quiz. The winning team gets a round, and every team playing puts in a donation. There could be bonus rounds at the end, where people give an extra donation to compete with the hope of getting a free drink. We even have a helpful how to organise a pub quiz guide to support you. 


Coffee morning


Have a coffee morning in your community centre. Make a few big urns of coffee and tea and get a selection of biscuits. People can make contributions for what they have.


Beautiful you


Get pampered. Invite a beautician and a masseuse to come to your town hall. People could pay a little bit more for this one, perhaps £10. People attending will have the choice to have their nails painted and get a back massage.


Golf Day


Whether you love golf or know someone who does. Golf days have amazing fundraising potential. With our handy tips and how to organise a golf day guide, turn a hobby into a money maker to help power our life saving research.


Charity couture


Have a fashion show. Everyone participating could either wear their favourite outfit, see what interesting garments they can find in the house, or ask a local boutique to donate some supplies. Take a look at our how to organise a catwalk guide to get the most out of your event. 


Afternoon tea


Hosting an afternoon tea is always a great way to get everyone together and raise a little bit of money. If anyone’s a particularly keen baker, then they can make the scones.

Talking sense


Do some research about your group's shared interest and find a specialist on the subject to come and give a talk in your town hall. This could be over lunch, or the talk could stand by itself.

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