School fundraisers

Organise fundraising events at your school and help power the next breakthrough in the BHF's pioneering medical research . 

Seeing stars

Get your ‘all star games’ kit and have a slightly different school sports day. No sprints… instead, sack, egg and spoon, three-legged, wheelbarrow – there are hundreds of inventive ways of racing. Throw in a limbo challenge and a team tug-of-war at the end, and you’re all set.

Paint it red

Everyone taking part donates money for painting their face red or wearing something red. Maybe one donation per red item. So if you’re feeling generous, you could roll up in red shoes, socks, trousers, t-shirt, jacket, with your face painted red with a red wig on.

Nutritious tuck

Have a stand with healthy food for sale to encourage everyone to think about their well-being. What they spend goes towards the BHF medical research. Good for everyone's hearts, and for those that we’re saving with our work in heart and circulatory conditions.

Healthy day

This event could focus on you taking care of yourself. Everyone could participate in a ‘healthy day.’ Students could walk to school, and donate what they’d usually spend on travel. The menu for school lunches could be changed for the day to only have very healthy meals. They could spend the rest of the day making smoothies and fruit skewers. Of course, healthy eating is nothing without exercise, so there could be a sports day in the afternoon.

Enterprise fair

You could try your hand at organising a stall for an enterprise fair. You would have to decide what stock to get, order it, and try your hand at hawking wares in the assembly hall. A local business could put in an initial sum, and whichever team makes the most wins a prize. There could also be prizes for the most inventive and entrepreneurial stalls. Each team could even have a charity or consumer mentor to help them prep and execute.

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