Fundraising with family and friends

father and daughter pouring tea.

We have loads of ideas to boost your fundraising at home. Do some good while having a great time with your nearest and dearest. 

an animated dinner plateDinner Party

Invite some pals around and ask them to make a donation for your lovely food. You could take it further and arrange a “Come Dine With Me” series for even more socialising and more cash.

Just Walk!

Put your best foot forward. Plan a walk that friends and family of all ages can enjoy along a local route or in a park and get sponsored to get trekking.

an animated set of lipsBeauty evening

Everyone loves to be pampered. Invite your friends around for an evening of indulgence – each person brings their favourite products and their favourite food. Pop donations in a jar and melt away the stresses of the day together.

Treasure Hunt

an animated treasure map

Make it as big or as small as you want – around the neighbourhood, town or even county. Get your friend with the most local knowledge to write a treasure hunt that both adults and children can enjoy and ask for a donation for teams to enter. Finish at a local park or restaurant and the winner(s) take a proportion of the entry fees, or maybe a local product everyone loves.

Plant growing competition

an animated flower

Whether it’s sunflowers, chilli plants or tomatoes, pick your plant. See who can grow the most impressive greenery in a set time and get everyone to make a donation to take part. Something everyone can get involved with – watch the plants (and the competition) grow!

Having a Ball

If you’re up for a big party, a bit of a challenge and a big donation, why not get together with friends, family and your local community and hold a ball? Charge for tickets, have an auction or raffle, get some lovely food, and dance the night away! Read our guide to planning a ball to find out how. 

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