Charity Ball

How to Organise a Charity Ball or Dinner Dance

Glamour, delicious food, fabulous entertainment, music and dancing – all wrapped up into one sparkling evening. Holding a charity ball or dinner is a very special way of bringing people together to raise money for life saving research. So check out these tips for fundraising and get set to enjoy an unforgettable night!

Before your charity ball

  • First things first – find a suitable venue, the more fabulous and unique the better as it will entice your guests. Have a good think about your budget and ticket costs.
  • Ask – as it’s a charity event, you may be able to get a venue, entertainment, photographer and other elements at a reduced cost, or even for free. Do ask!
  • Timing – depending on whom you plan to invite to your fundraiser, think carefully about an event date so not to clash with any major sports or cultural events.
  • Ideas – think of a theme, music and what you can do to attract people to attend, such as auctions sponsored by local businesses.
  • Promotion – make the most of the community around you, sell tickets through your family, friends and colleagues. Think of other networks in your local community, such as larger businesses who may want to buy a table to fill.
  • You can also download a PDF version of our guidance

During your charity ball

  • Inspire – plan a moment to say a few words about heart disease and our work so people understand the difference their support makes. Alternatively, if you have the technology, you could play one of our videos. Make sure to have one our collection boxes on display to encourage donations.
  • Fundraising – think of other ways to raise money, such as hosting a silent auction or raffle with amazing prizes sponsored by local businesses.
  • Ideas – give lots of thought to how you can raise as much as possible. Include a charity raffle with prizes sponsored by local businesses, have an award for best dancer and sell food and drink – dancing is thirsty work!

Top tips

  • Sponsorship - finding local businesses to sponsor your event will help meet the costs and maximise the amount of money you raise on the night. You can price up specific aspects of the event and sell them as a sponsorship package – in return, provide the company with advertising space on the programme and/or let them bring a pop up stand or stall to advertise on the night.
  • Double your money - ask your team of helpers if they work for a company that offers matched giving and encourage them to apply if they do.
  • Licences - check what licences will be required. For example, selling alcohol and playing music both require a license.
  • Resources - you can find more materials (e.g. posters) and information about us.
  • More support – if you have any queries please call our supporter service centre on 0300 330 3322 or email us

After your charity ball

  • Banking – count, record and bank the money you raise as soon as you can. It’s a good idea to share responsibility for this amongst more than one person and to prepare in advance by getting some money bags from the bank.
  • Thanking – remember to follow up with guests, sponsors and volunteers to thank them and let them know how much was raised to help fund life-saving research.

Keeping it safe and legal

Kick-start your fundraising

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