Running safe events

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When fundraising for the BHF, it’s vital to consider the health and safety of everyone involved, whether that’s volunteers helping to organise an event or the people you invite along to help raise money for our pioneering research.

Health and Safety Guidelines

As a volunteer, you act on behalf of BHF so we ask you to follow our health and safety guidelines. By following our guidelines and completing a risk assessment, you can feel confident you’re approaching health and safety in the right way at your events.   

Our 'Volunteer Health and Safety Guide' has all the information you need to run safe and successful events. It outlines our step-by-step process for safety planning before, during and after events, and it also gives advice on how to complete a risk assessment. 

If you're considering an event that could be potentially hazardous, such as something that involves physical activity or animals, please do speak to your fundraising manager first before starting to plan your event. We may need to check whether the event is covered by our insurance, as not all activities will be, and if the event is of a higher level of risk then additional safety planning may be necessary.


You can also download these short guides;

Carrying out a Risk Assessment

You must carry out a risk assessment ahead of every event you do, to identify risks and address these, as this will help reduce the likelihood and / or severity of any accidents that could happen. As well as helping to keep our volunteers and supporters safe, this will also help safeguard the BHF’s good reputation.

Carrying out a risk assessment helps us show that safety has been considered and managed. This is a legal requirement as well as a condition of our public liability insurance, so it's essential that you do this.

You can download our risk assessment template from the helpful forms page.

It's also worth being aware that extra care is needed if you are planning to use any inflatables, such as bouncy castles, as part of your fundraising activity for the BHF.  Please speak to your fundraising manager in advance if you're considering using large inflatables at an event and ask for a copy of our specific guidelines around bouncy castles.  

If you have any questions about your health and safety responsibilities as a volunteer or how to carry out a risk assessment, please speak to your local fundraising manager - we're here to help.