Representing the BHF

people making BHF sign in a field

As a BHF volunteer you represent the BHF in your local community. You’ll be a proud ambassador and powerful advocate, playing a vital role in the fight for every heartbeat - for which we are hugely grateful. 



To help you in your role we've created a suite of resources and standard forms. 

We ask you to use these where relevant for two important reasons;

  1. Our resources and forms include mandatory legal information where necessary, such as our registered charity numbers, Gift Aid declarations and data preference options. These things must be accurate for us to be able to process donations and communicate with supporters, so it's important to use our templates and to be sure you're using the most current versions of these.

  2. By using our templates for things such as event posters, you'll help represent BHF's brand in a consistent way across the country and across all of our touchpoints with the public. This in turn will help build recognition of our brand and help the BHF connect with new people to raise even more money for life-saving research.