Protecting our data

As part of your volunteering with the BHF, you are likely to handle information about people, such as other volunteers and donors.  Data Protection is all about taking care of this information.  

It’s important for you to take care when handling Personal Data because the BHF is legally obliged to do so and proper handling of Personal Data shows that we respect our supporters' information which fosters confidence in the BHF.

It’s also important to take time and care when working with data and records as it can be easy to make mistakes that could result in a loss of trust in the BHF, bad publicity, legal action or even fines.  Data Protection laws set out a framework of rights and duties to safeguard Personal Data. You don’t need to know this framework in detail, but we do ask you to read our guidance and follow it at all times to be sure you’re handling data on behalf of the BHF in a safe and legal way.

Key principles 

Be clear and upfront 

Be clear in your mind why you are collecting someone’s personal data and only collect it if you need it to fulfil a specific purpose.  And make it clear to supporters how you will use their data at the point you collect it. 

Respect people’s privacy

Follow supporters’ wishes, give them the option to change their mind and keep your records current to avoid accidentally contacting people against their wishes by mistake.

Ask people whether they would like to hear from you

To contact people directly for marketing purposes using their personal contact details, you must check how they want to be contacted and for what reason. In the majority of cases, you can only make contact if they respond to confirm that they do want to hear from you. 

Our guidance

We ask to you read our ‘Top Tips’ and ‘Q&A’ documents which you can download below, and watch our webinar on General Data Protection Regulation.

Top Tips (1 page)

Q & A (2 pages)

Consent Tracker Template

These resources provide you with information about handling data safely as a volunteer fundraiser.  We ask you to follow the guidance that they outline at all times to help respect supporters’ privacy and protect the good reputation of the BHF.  If you’d like to know more about handling data, speak to your local fundraising manager.

We also have a 35min webinar that outlines for fundraising volunteers what General Data Protection Regulation is all about.



Here at the British Heart Foundation (‘BHF’) we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our registered volunteers' personal information. You can see how we are protecting your privacy and security here ( )