How to handle cash

volunteer holding 2 collection buckets

It’s likely that you will handle cash as part of your fundraising activities. This could include collecting, counting, storing, transporting, banking and recording cash. It's important to follow our guidance when handling cash, to safeguard yourself and the money you raise.


Important points

The key thing to know is that we ask you never to transport or store cash over £5,000 in value. if you think you may collect this amount of cash at an event, please speak to your fundraising manager in advance so they can help arrange a secure collection service.

It's also important you know that your safety is our primary concern when volunteering for BHF, so if you were ever in the unfortunate position of being challenged whilst handling cash, we ask that you hand over the cash without resisting and report any theft or loss to the police within 24 hours of the incident, as well as informing your fundraising manager.

In general, we ask you to follow these guidelines;

  • Where you collect large amounts of cash, cash should be collected, counted, transported, banked and recorded by two unrelated individuals.
  • Cash must never be left unattended at a fundraising event and we encourage that at least two people should always stay with any cash.
  • Cash should be stored in a secure (ideally locked) place until banked.
  • Cash should be bagged and banked in suitable bags, and transported in bags that help disguise the cash (such as a shopper or carrier bag)
  • If you are expecting to raise a large amount of cash during an event, we encourage you, if possible,to bank in intervals to reduce large amounts of cash building up.
  • Cash and cheques should be counted and banked ideally the same day they are collected or at least within 2 working days.
  • Cash and cheques should be banked using the BHF pay-in books provided.
  • When receiving cheques or single large donations please give the individual, group or organisation a receipt for their donation from the book we provide you.

All money raised should be recorded on a BHF Remittance Form and sent to the Community Fundraising Accounts Team within 5 days of banking the money. If returning the form by post, enclose the paying-in book counterfoil. If returning by email, keep the counterfoil in your paying in book and post the book back to our accounts team once it is used with counterfoil(s) included.

You can send the remittance form to [email protected] or Freepost RTLE-BGYB-JBAX, British Heart Foundation, Compton House, 2300 The Crescent, Birmingham Business Park, Birmingham, B37 7YE.