Banking & recording money

Here's all the information you need for banking your lifesaving funds to BHF.

Before paying in...

  • Please see our‘cash handling guidelines’ for more detailed guidance on handling money.
  • Please double-count and bank the money you’ve raised as soon as possible and within two working days of collecting it.

Paying in...

  • Please pay the money directly into our relevant bank account using your paying in book.
  • Fill out your banking form and send it to or Freepost RUAJ-XYLK-XXRG, British Heart Foundation, Compton House, 2300 The Crescent, Birmingham Business Park, Business, B37 7YE, within 5 days of banking the money.
  • If you have any Gift Aid envelopes or forms, send these at the same time as your banking form and cheque.


Bank Account Details:


Account name: Barclays No 3 Account

Account number: 10824968

Sort code: 20-03-53

VAT Reg No. 626921824


Account Name: Bank of Scotland British Heart Foundation Scotland No 3 Account

Account Number: 00833080

Sort Code: 80-09-15 

VAT Reg No. 626921824


Northern Ireland:

Account name: Ulster Bank British Heart Foundation

Sort code: 98-00-60

Account number: 11397031

VAT Reg No. 626921824