Running group meetings

Productive meetings are key to a group's success. Here's a few top tips from us to help things run smoothly.


  • At the start, we suggest meeting once a month to help everyone get to know each other and ensure plans are on track.
  • The group lead should facilitate meetings, to keep focus and ensure clear decisions are made.
  • Prepare an agenda and share this in advance to be sure you cover key items and give enough time to discuss these.
  • During meetings, keep an eye on the time and your agenda to be sure you cover everything you want to and can take clear decisions and action points from this.
  • It can be helpful to take notes from the meeting that record decisions and actions so that you can refer back to these if you need to clarify anything. You could appoint someone to take on this role regularly or rotate responsibility. The notes should then be shared with all members after the meeting.
  • Encourage all group members to feel comfortable contributing.