Key roles in a group

To help you Fundraising Group run smoothly, there's three key roles we suggest.


Find out what being part of a BHF Fundraising Group is all about here.

Group Leader 

Having a group leader to co-ordinate your group’s activities and give direction to plans and activities is a must. It needs someone with energy and enthusiasm who feels confident chairing group meetings, and is good at bringing people together. 


The treasurer is responsible for ensuring that money raised gets counted, recorded and banked in the right way. It’s not an essential role but if someone in your group is good with numbers, reliable and keen to take this role, great! 

Group Members 

Group members support activities in whichever way best plays to their personal strengths and motivations. They’ll be hands-on with fundraising by planning, promoting and running events.

Interested in other volunteering opportunities?

If you are keen to do a bit more for the BHF or want to try something different, have a chat with your Fundraising Manager to find out about other volunteering roles or take a look here.