Finding new members

You will find some useful templates and resources in this section to help you expand your fundraising group. Click on the links below to download and kickstart your recruitment drive!


Word of mouth

Remember to let people know at every opportunity about the great work your group is doing and let them know you are looking for new members. When you are out in the community hosting events or doing a talk, always remember to do a shout out for new members. People having fun and feeling inspired at your events are likely to want to join in with your great work!

Press release

You can also put the word out through your local press and radio to let people know about your group and how they can join. There is a recruitment press release template for you to make use of.

Press release templates:

Email recruitment template

Do you know anyone in your network who might be interested in joining your group? Do you know people who are connected to our cause in some way or who have skills that could be useful? It’s always worth asking the question in case it’s of interest to others. You may be surprised and it’s always nice to have friendly faces join that you already know. There is a template for you to make use of for this purpose. You can amend and tailor it as you see fit.

Recruitment poster

There may be other members of your local community who would like to join who you haven’t yet met. It’s a good idea to put posters up in your local hotspots to let people know! Download the poster, tailor with your details, print off and put up in your local area e.g. libraries, community centres, local shops, cafes and sports centres.