Fundraising ideas

Here is a small selection of tried and tested activities that work really well, especially when your group is just starting out...



Quiz night

A quiz is a great first event for a group to do together. For an event that’s sociable, fun and easy to plan, it’s hard to beat! As well as being fun, our groups often raise between £300-£1000 with a quiz night depending on the size, so it’s a great little earner as well! We can give you heart related questions if you’d like to include a ‘heart round’ and as well as raising money from tickets, you could also sell food, drinks and have a raffle or auction. 

Bag pack

You can raise a lot of money with a supermarket bag pack – some groups raise as much as £1000 in one day! As you pack people’s shopping in return for a donation, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to chat and spread the word about BHF’s life saving work. That’s incredibly valuable too.

Coffee Morning

A coffee morning is a great opportunity to get your favourite people, colleagues, or even your wider community together to catch up and raise vital funds to help power our life saving research! Depending on the size of the event, groups can raise between £150 and £1000 hosting a coffee morning.

Bucket Collection

A bucket collection is one of the easiest ways to raise money. With a bit of planning and a dash of team spirit, you’ll be amazed at how much you can bring in – people are happy to pop money in a bucket for a cause like BHF and our groups often raise between £300 and £1000 doing a collection.