Cycling Training Plans

We're thrilled that you've signed up for the London to Brighton Bike and are gearing up for your challenge ahead. Here are some helpful training schedules provided by our friends at David Lloyd Clubs to get you ready for the ride.

It's important to listen to your body and find a good balance between training, rest, work and play. Rest and recovery is just as important as training. Your body needs to be given time to adjust. If you’re feeling tired you could try cross training, pilates or a yoga session once or twice a week.

Remember to check what equipment you will need to get started.

Beginner training schedules: Sofa to Saddle

As beginners’ experience can vary greatly, these plans have been created for someone who is already physically active but has minimal experience of cycling - you should be able to comfortably exercise for one hour. Remember that at the start of any new fitness pursuit, it’s important to be patient and gradually build up your training.

Intermediate/Advanced schedules: Master cycle

These these training plans are designed for experienced cyclists who are taking part in a bike ride and are looking to improve their performance. Remember even the super fit and experienced should build up slowly.

Before starting this programme you should be able to comfortably complete bike rides lasting up to three hours.

Don't forget that all of your training is worth fundraising for. Check out our social sharing posts, posters and other resources to help you start the cash rolling it.

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