Jonathan's Training

Team BHF member Jonathan completed a training ride for the London to Brighton Bike Ride.

"With Winter out of the way, I’ve made a start on my London to Brighton training with a 50 mile ride around Kent. Distance isn’t a problem for me on the bike, but I really needed to get out of hibernation and used to long distance pacing again. Plus, I’m really not a mountain goat when it comes to cycling. As much as I hate hills, they’re a main part of my training to help get through the challenge of getting to Brighton.

By the time I finished, I was still feeling pretty good. Christmas hadn’t taken as much as a toll as feared and I successfully got through every climb without coming to a stop. But looking at my Strava record I can see areas to improve and that puncture at the end really didn’t help. Still great to be out on the bike and getting the miles in. It’s some hard work, but totally worth it.

My next big bit of training will be on Good Friday with another long ride. In the meantime it’s the usual cycle commute and then trying to find some good steep climbs in London to replicate Turners Hill or the fearsome Ditching.

I know the more hills I train on, it can help ease the challenge of London to Brighton. I also really need to remember the importance of stretching pre-ride, as my Achilles can vouch for. I haven’t forgotten about fundraising either – the work quiz is booked in and got some team brainstorming planned for other ideas."


Training and preparation is a key part of being able to enjoy the day.  We've put together some useful resources and tips to make sure you've got everything you need to get across that finish line in style.

Here are some helpful training schedules provided by our friends at David Lloyd Clubs to get you ready for the ride!