Duong's Training

Follow Team BHF Duong's commute, his rides through the Surrey countryside and navigating London on a bike.

I am going to come clean: I’ve been riding pretty much all winter, combining regular commutes in to work with longer rides around the Surrey countryside with the Stragglists – an ensemble of fit oldies with great knowledge of great cycle rides around Surrey. These rides normally take in famous or infamous hills including Box Hill, Leith Hill, Newlands Corner, Combe Lane (Coombe Bottom), Coldharbour Lane and White Downs.

The commute is an especially good way to get fit as my route takes me through Hampton Court Road, Richmond Park, the Embankment and Buckingham Palace. And if I am really keen, I will also do a few laps of Regents Park, which I only do on nice summer mornings. And by the time I arrive at work I’ve already had a good workout.

It is not all plain sailing however, often I have to contend with cold driving rain and the most recent snow storm. But don’t be put off by the weather,  I will happily take the bike in the rain over tubes and trains any day of the week.

Oh yeah training. Well, there are no shortcuts you just need to get the miles in any way you can and prepare for the big hills by doing interval trainings supported by lots of real hills. Most of all, have fun and stop at popular bike stops to indulge in great conversations with other riders complimented by good teas/coffees and a delicious slice of homemade cake!

By the way, the interval training can be incorporated in to your commutes by sprinting between the lights. Finally, my commute takes me past Marc Bolan’s Rock Shrine, for those old enough to know who he is, on Queen’s Ride just south of the railway bridge.


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