Bake sale

Looking for something sweet ? Team BHF held a bake sale in the British Heart Foundation Head Office. From heart shaped biscuits to beautiful cakes it was a delight for all.

The team got together to bake delicious treats and sell them in a Valentine's Day Bake Sale, to kick start their London to Brighton Bike Ride fundraising. With melting chocolate muffins, eclairs and love shaped biscuits the cakes were a big hit. They're great to snack on and share with loved ones.

£185.44 was raised from the sale - an absolutely fantastic amount and a big thank you to all who purchased and supported the team! A bake sale is such an easy fundraising event to put on and you can guarantee everyone will enjoy it! Why not set up your own bake sale today?

If you want to check up on Team BHF's fundraising head over to our Facebook Event Page and see the team in action.

bake sale