Set up a fundraising page

male cyclist with fundraising not for dad on the back of top

With JustGiving you can set up a fundraising page to collect donations online. It's the fastest and easiest way for you friends and family to sponsor you.

Whether you're unsure of how to use your JustGiving page or your fundraising has hit a plateau, follow our top tips to help you boost your fundraising total.

Add a photoCamera

Say cheese and get that selfie uploaded to your page. Fundraisers with photos on their page tend to raise 14% more for every snap they share. Keep your page updated with photos of your training progress and the all-important finish line selfie to let everyone know you've conquered the ride. 

Share your story

Whatever your reason for taking on the ride, share your story on your page for maximum impact. If people know why the cause is important to you, they'll be more likely to make a donation.

Set a fundraising target

Let everyone know what your goal is so they can help you smash it - pages with a target raise up to 46% more.

Link up with your companyBriefcase

If your workplace has a JustGiving Company Profile, get connected! Linking up with your company could increase your donations by an extra 20%.

Add a fundraising summary

Write a couple of lines at the top of your fundraising page to tell visitors why you're taking on the ride. This is the first thing people will read on your page and could earn you an additional 9% in donations.

Keep your supporters updated

Remember to post regular updates to your page to spread the word about your fundraising. This keeps your page fresh and gives your supporters a good excuse to come back and donate again.

Include your offline fundraising totalCoins

If you've also been fundraising offline, don't forget to add these donations to your total to show everyone how well you're doing.

Share your page

When you're happy with your page, make sure you share it via social media and email. Whenever you update your page, remember to share it again.

Set up a JustGiving page

Not set up your fundraising page yet? It's really easy - all you need to do is head to JustGiving.