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Our favourite ways to fundraise

Stuck in a creative block? We've all been there. Why not try one of our top 5 favourite cycling fundraising ideas and see if you can go further with your fundraising?

Hero curve mask

1. Sponsor a training ride

Give your supporters the option to sponsor you at each stage of your training. With £5 donations for shorter rides, and up to £50 donations for 50 mile rides. Say thank you by sending them a picture of you after your ride and dedicate it to them on social media.

2. Hold a bike-a-thon

If you can get hold of an exercise bike or your inside training gear, why not host a 24 hour bike-a-thon? Get some friends and family roped in to help you and make sure you post updates on social media.

3. Guess how many cycling treats are in a bottle

Grab a load of your favourite energy-boosting treats and pop them inside a large, see through drink bottle. Get your cycling mates to guess how many are inside for a £1 and the closest to the number is the winner! Your local cycling shop might be able to help you with this one, too. It's always worth an ask.

4. Name the bike

We all know how much a roadie loves their bike, but does yours have a name? Get your friends to nominate a name for £1 and then choose the winner at random. You might end up with a bike called The Unicorn, but it will be worth it.

5. Host a Tour de France themed dinner party

Invite all your friends around for a party with a little "je ne sais quoi". Get everyone to don a yellow jersey, or come dressed as their favourite cyclist, and serve up the best in home-cooked French dining!

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