Off-road route gradings

A man on a bike going down an off road path

All our off-road bike rides are graded according to difficulty. Take a look at the gradings and match your ability with the grades, so you can be sure you pick the right ride for you.

Grade: 1

Cycling events rated 1 are suitable for cycling novices. If you're a beginner, check out our training guides to prepare you for our challenging events.

  • Technicality - Mostly flat, wide, well surfaced tracks.
  • Strenuousness - Easy, mostly flat.

Grade: 2

Cycling events rated 2 are of moderate difficulty and suitable for riders with some experience and a reasonable fitness level. Check out the Grade 2 London to Southend Off-road Bike Ride.

  • Technicality - Mostly wide, unchallenging tracks, but possibly some hills and trail obstacles.
  • Strenuousness - Mostly easy going with some hills. Some previous riding fitness recommended.

Grade: 3

Cycling events rated 3 are challenging. They are suitable for cyclists who ride regularly, and who have a good fitness level. Our London to Paris Off-Road Bike Ride and the 35 mile South Downs Way Bike Ride route are Grade 3 rated.

  • Technicality - Stony, rocky trails; possibly narrow and steep at times.
  • Strenuousness - Some big hills, distances and tough terrain.

Grade: 4

Cycling events rated 4 are considered difficult, and are suitable for experienced riders with above average cycling skills and fitness. Both the Peak District Off-Road Bike Ride and the London to Brighton Off-Road Bike Ride are Grade 4 rated.

  • Technicality - Trails that are often steep, rocky and challenging.
  • Strenuousness - Big, tough hills and/or long distances.

Grade: 5

Cycling events rated 5 are extreme and suitable for only the most experienced, fit, skillful riders. The 100 mile South Downs Way Bike Ride route is Grade 5 rated.

  • Technicality - Very difficult, with terrain suitable for expert riders only.
  • Strenuousness - Extremely strenuous - riders should be at peak fitness

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