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Yacht trip on the Red Sea or £10,000

£20,000 of prizes must be won! Tickets cost just £1 each. 


Play It Red 

The Super Spring Raffle is now open with many opportunities for you to win exclusive Red themed VIP experiences.

  • 1st prize - £10,000 or a RED sea cruise aboard a fabulous private yacht
  • 2nd prize - £5,000 or a tour of the RED wine vineyards of Australia
  • 3rd prize - £1,000 or enjoy the full RED carpet treatment at a film premiere
  • 4th prize - £500 x 5 
  • 5th prize - £100 x 10

Plus 200 mystery runner-up prizes! Play online for a chance to win a spectacular red rose bouquet.

Would you like a chance to win every week? Please check out our weekly lottery for your chance to win £1,000 every week.

Previous raffle winners

See a list of our Super Spring Raffle winners here. Congratulations to all our lucky winners!

Our raffle rules

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Self exclusion

While most of our supporters gamble within their means, we recognise that gambling can be a problem for some. If you are worried about your gambling or that of someone close to you, GamCare can provide support and information.

To support problem gamblers, we operate a self-exclusion policy which means you will not receive any information about our raffles.

You can join the scheme by returning our tickets and ticking the 'Please don't send me any more raffle information' box or by contacting our Supporter Care Team by email at [email protected] or telephone on 0300 330 3322.