Major gifts

Individual Donors

Without the support of philanthropic individuals, the BHF would not be able to fund life changing research into the causes and treatments of cardiovascular disease.

If you give between £1,000 and £5,000 a year you can become a Heart Pioneer. Your support as a Heart Pioneer could have a major impact on any one of the numerous projects and initiatives at the BHF. To find out more about becoming a Heart Pioneer, please contact Hiran Chohan at [email protected].

If you would like to make a larger donation, please contact Joanna Sheasby at [email protected]. They will be able to discuss your own areas of interest and how your support can help in our Fight for Every Heartbeat.

Charitable Trusts and Foundations

We work in partnership with Charitable Trusts and Foundations in the UK and overseas, enabling them to fund work where it is most needed. We work closely with Trustees to identify how best to align their aims and objectives with our mission and goals, ensuring they are involved every step of the way.

If you are a part of a Charitable Trust or Foundation and would consider supporting our work then please contact Jennie Gillions at [email protected]

What we can offer you

We will provide regular updates about the impact your donation has made to our work. In addition, we offer visits to our labs to see the science in action.

You will also have the opportunity to attend our events, from research debates to exclusive dinners or one of our special events, for example, our fashion and art fundraiser Tunnel of Love or our Roll out the Red ball

There are also recognition opportunities for our most generous donors - from acknowledgement in the annual review to the naming rights to a laboratory.

For more information on our events and what is coming up in the next year, please contact Hayley Calvert in the special events team at [email protected].

How your donation could help

We have a number of exciting projects that urgently require funding at the moment, and your gift could make all the difference. These include the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal and our pioneering clinical trials.

Fund a PhD student

Richard Myser, PHD studentRichard Tyser is a PhD student working for Prof. Paul Riley looking at regenerative heart cells:

"I have been investigating how the heart forms during development, with the aim of understanding the mechanisms needed for repair and regeneration during heart disease. The support of the BHF has enabled me to study a topic which fascinates me in an environment which is both stimulating and open-minded. 

"Learning state-of-the-art techniques and being offered opportunities to discuss and interact with a range of scientists; from fellow research students to internationally renowned Professors has given me strong foundations for a future career in cardiovascular research.  Having witnessed the beneficial results of the BHF's work, is extremely motivational. Being part of this team, working together to prevent heart disease has been a great privilege."

  • A gift of £10,000 will fund the full costs of equipment and research materials used by one of our PHD students each year.

  • £34,000 will fund the salary and University fees, for one of our PHD research students for a year.

  • A long-term investment of £130,000 in the work of one of our Researchers will fund their work in its entirety, providing 3 years funding as well as the vital resources and materials

Fund a Familial Hypercholesterolemia nurse

Familial Hypercholesterolemia is a genetic condition that is characterised by high cholesterol levels from birth and often leads to premature heart attacks and strokes.

A BHF Scientist discovered the gene responsible for causing FH and developed a genetic screening test. We currently need support to fund clinical nurses across the UK to implement genetic testing to identify more people with FH. A gift of £80,000 would cover the full costs of funding an FH nurse to introduce this new service over a two year period.

From our donors

Ray Black, 61 from North West London, has supported us in the past by completing a sponsored bike ride across the USA:

"Both my father and grandfather passed away from suspected heart disease, and I myself underwent bypass surgery about six years ago. 

"If it weren’t for the research and development that has been done in the past 20 to 30 years by the BHF, I might not be here today, or in such good health.

"For those thinking about getting involved with the BHF, I would say that if you relate to the cause then there is nowhere more valuable."

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about our work and discuss how you can help by making a major gift, contact us today.

Phone: 020 7554 0318
Email: [email protected]