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baby in a hospital bed with his mother

A baby’s first days should be joyful, but Charlie’s were heart breaking. Charlie had three heart defects and, like for many children with congenital heart disease, they were not discovered until he was born. His parents were devastated.

British Heart Foundation Professor Dr Keavney leads a team of twelve fearless scientists who have taken on the mission to understand why heart defects develop. Understanding this could revolutionise the way we understand congenital heart disease. It could help to create the tests to diagnose and treat babies like Charlie and save their families from the heartbreak it causes.

This is why your help is so crucial. We can only continue to fund research and unlock treatments like this with the help of kind people like you.

Fifty years ago, babies like Charlie likely wouldn't have reached the age of two. Now eight out of ten children in the UK diagnosed with a congenital heart defect survive to adulthood. With your help today, we can fund more pioneering research to extend children’s life chances and help families still facing heartbreak.

Please will you give £10 today to help fund the equipment and lab time that will enable our researchers to find these treatments? Together, we can help end the heartbreak of congenital heart diseases.

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