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Want to win big? Our next Superdraw has a huge cash prize of £10,000! If you're already a Weekly Lottery player you're automatically entered. If you'd like extra entries or just want to enter the Superdraw, you can do so below.

Prize breakdown

The top prize in our quarterly Superdraw is a big one! One lucky winner will take away £15,000! Plus over 150 chances to win more amazing cash prizes.

Superdraw- £10,000

For one lucky winner at the end of this quarter, plus over 150 amazing cash prizes!

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When you play, you're helping to beat the world's biggest killers.

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You'll get automatic entry into the Superdraw when you play our Weekly Lottery, plus chances to win cash prizes every week

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For more chances to win big, why not play our quarterly raffle? £20,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs and you could be a winner. 

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