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We are one of six charities to have benefited from ITV’s festive appeal Text Santa. The 2013 fundraising extravaganza raised an incredible £5.1 million, to be split equally between the charities.

Thank you

We received an amazing £850,000 when we were ITV Text Santa's charity of the year. 

The £850,000 we received will help us fund a variety of areas of our work:

  • Specialist nurses to help identify and support those suffering from the genetic condition Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH)
  • Oxleas Foundation Trust Cardiac Rehab project to help people get back to everyday life after a heart attack, heart surgery or procedure
  • Heart Helpline, providing a lifeline to heart patients and their families

The stories behind Text Santa

Fundamental to the appeal were the many heart patients and BHF nurses who shared their stories. Here are just some of those stories:

Hannah's story

Hannah cuddling her Mum

Watch seven year-old Hannah Farrand's and her mum talk to Jonathan Ross about the support they receive from their heart nurse, Mary McCann. 



Michael's story

Michael Jones smiling

Thanks to funding from us, Michael Jones, who had heart failure, was able to spend his final weeks in his own home. His son Peter featured on ‘This Morning' to tell Michael's story.

Watch Michael and Peter's story


David's story

David Collins on a walk

David Collings was told on his birthday that he had suffered a heart attack and later found out he and his daughter had the inherited condition, familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH). David featured on ‘Daybreak’ to tell his story. 

Read David's story


Gemma's story

Gemma  with her daugther

At just 21 Gemma started suffering from seizures. After being diagnosed with epilepsy she was being treated, but the seizures didn’t stop. She was then diagnosed with a heart condition. Gemma featured in ‘The Big Christmas Reunion'. 

Read Gemma's story


Malcolm's story

Malcolm with his wife  and BHF nurse

After suffering a heart attack and later being diagnosed with heart failure, Malcolm Coulson says his BHF nurses gave him and his wife their lives back. Malcolm and his nurses appeared on the ‘Jeremy Kyle Christmas Surprises Special’.

Read Malcolm's story