From the heart, by Dee Field

Looking through the heart from Reflections of research

Dee wrote this poem about her experience of heart disease. 

She says: “I am dedicating this poem to a lady called Joyce, who sadly passed away on the same ward as me, whilst I was recovering from my angioplasty procedure. It made me take stock and realise how precious life is and how lucky I am.”


It was part of me on arrival

I didn’t know it was pretty crucial to my survival

Whilst I kept learning and growing

It silently, strongly kept on going


During my teens it fluttered a lot, I mean a lot

Then I married, divorced and broke it somewhat


It ached so much in times of sadness

Nearly burst a few times in times of gladness

I abused it without thinking

With too much rich food, smoking and drinking


Gave it away too readily to undeserving folk

It decided to remind me - it wasn’t there as a joke

Waking one morning, it gave me a warning

The pressure around it felt as though I might choke


Thank goodness it wasn’t too nasty

The surgeon did a good job of my angioplasty


The poems published in this section are creative writing by Heart Matters readers. They should not be taken as medical advice.

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