9 surprising walking activities

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Walking is a great way to get active - it's fun, flexible and free. But if you're looking for something more unusual than a stroll in your local park, check out our guide.

1. Walking football

Inspired by Brian? Learn the rules or find a team near you at the Walking Football United website.

2. Walking basketball

There may be few slam dunks, but walking basketball is a great workout and no less competitive than the original. It’s an excellent team activity and recent grants from Sport England have helped boost the game’s popularity. 

3. Nordic walking

It’s easy on the joints and heart, but Nordic walking works the whole body. Participants hold ski-style poles and move their arms in time with each stride, so the upper body gets a good workout. 

4. Orienteering

Test your navigational skills using a map and compass to get from A to B. It’s a diverse sport of varying terrains and the perfect walking activity to take you out of your comfort zone. 

  • Find your nearest permanent orienteering course at the British Orienteering website or call 01629 583 037.

5. Walking rugby

The omission of running puts a greater emphasis on teamwork, tactics and ballhandling skills. You must release the ball within three seconds and it’s non-contact. Lots of local rugby clubs run their own walking team. 

6. Geocaching

Use GPS to seek hidden containers, then add a piece of treasure to the stash along with a log of the time and date you left it there. There are nearly three million active geocaches worldwide, so you’ll find one almost anywhere in the UK. 

7. Walking a dog

Even if you don’t have a dog, there are still opportunities. The Borrow my dog website pairs owners with dog-lovers for an annual fee. Or volunteer with your local dogs’ home for walking or fostering, or with the charity Cinnamon Trust, which finds walkers for dogs of elderly and ill people. 

8. Race walking

An Olympic sport, race walkers must keep one foot on the ground at all times or risk getting a red card. Three red cards and you’re out. There are UK events for every age and ability. 

9. City walking

If a heart event prompted you to see the world, why not improve your health in the process? City walks let you do both. Find a route in your nearest city at the Ramblers website, or call Ramblers head office on 020 7339 8500. 

Go the extra mile for the BHF

Fundraisers at the BHF Just Walk eventInspired to walk? Just Walk is our new fundraising initiative. It enables you to set your own personal challenge and turn walking into money for life saving research. It’s incredibly flexible:

  • Choose where, when and how far you walk. So whether it’s a solo effort or you and your friends are walking together, fundraising has never been so easy or fun.
  • We’ll send you a free Just Walk fundraising pack including lots of tips and advice – you’ll even get a T-shirt and bag for you to use on the day.

Sign up today and you can start planning your life saving walk straight away. Visit the Just Walk website, or call 0300 330 3322.

If you want to really push yourself, you could register for one of our organised overseas treks:

  • Why not climb Kilimanjaro in September 2016, enjoying the spectacular views of Tanzania along the way?
  • Or take on the brand new 100km London to Oxford Trek?
  • We’ve also filled our calendar with adventures in Peru, China, and around the UK.

Choose your challenge at the BHF Walks and Treks website or call 0845 130 8663.

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