CPR training for workplaces

CPR training courses for workplaces

Help us to train the nation in lifesaving CPR skills.

It takes under 30 minutes with our simple and interactive Call Push Rescue training kit.

Train your employees

Before applying for a CPR kit, take into account that:

  • The CPR Training Kit trains 10 people at a time and is reusable.
  • It costs £391 plus VAT.
  • No instructor is needed as all of the techniques are taught using the DVD. All you need is a DVD player and a little space to practise in.

The training kit covers:

  1. how and when to perform CPR on an adult or child
  2. put someone in the recovery position
  3. how to use a defibrillator

The CPR training kit includes

  • CPR training kit10 reusable inflatable manikins
  • 10 kneeling mats
  • 10 red inflation bags
  • 10 practise-while-watching training DVDs
  • 1 manual inflation pumps
  • cleaning wipes
  • extra manikin replacement parts
  • all contained in a handy carry bag

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Join our fight to make a Nation of Lifesavers

It costs us over £1000 to provide a CPR kit to one secondary school. We need £4m to ensure that every young person in the UK learns how save a life.

For more information on how you can help save lives in your local region or across the UK please email [email protected] Your contribution will make a real difference. 

Sign up to Challenge: CPR

And we’ll help you to organise CPR training across your workforce, including:

  • the purchase of CPR kits
  • facilitation of the training including internal promotional materials
  • tips to help employees fundraise

Training your workforce in CPR will help save lives. Join Challenge: CPR now.