Resources for Restart a Heart Day 2017

Restart a heart day CPR kit

To make it really easy to take part in Restart a Heart Day, we’ve created some helpful resources. They'll also help to get trainees interested and excited to take part. 

Use #RestartAHeart to follow what's happening on the day.

Posters for Restart a Heart Day

Use posters to get as many people involved as possible on Restart a Heart Day.

We have two different styles available for download:

Restart a heart day 2017 poster



CPR frequently asked questions

Our CPR frequently asked questions document will help to address any queries during training


Restart a Heart Day checklist

Use the below checklist to help you plan Restart a Heart Day

Restart a heart day 2017 checklist

Download the checklist

Videos to inspire your audience on Restart a Heart Day

Watch how Fabrice Muamba joins the nation of life savers.

Inspire your life savers with more CPR heroes stories.


Call Push Rescue Quiz

Share our CPR quiz after training on Restart a Heart Day to see what you and your fellow trainees have learned in your training session and recap what has been learnt.


Merchandise for Restart a Heart day

You can print certificates for your Restart a Heart Day participants once their CPR training has been completed

CPR certificate British Heart Foundation

DOWNLOAd the cpr certificate

If you’re unable to print these, we have certificates which you can order for Restart a Heart Day. To do this call the BHF Orderline on 0300 200 2222 or email [email protected]. Quote the code CPR1 or order CPR certificates from our website.

You can also order some of our wristbands to give away on the day. 

CPR Wristband BHF

To do this call the BHF Orderline on 0300 200 2222 or email [email protected], quoting the code CPR2, or you can order CPR wristbands online