Ways to promote the performance of a lifetime

Restart a Heart Day - Free resources for the day

To make it really easy to take part in Restart a Heart Day, we’ve created some helpful resources.

They'll also help to get lifesavers interested and excited to take part. 

Inspiration exercise

Ideas of how you could inspire a rooms of lifesavers.

Restart a Heart Day - assembly plan  






Put up a poster to help get as many people involved as possible on Restart a Heart Day.

For schools

Restart a Heart Day - schools poster






For workplaces

Restart a Heart Day - poster for workplaces






When and where

Restart a Heart Day - where and when poster






Celebrating success

Print certificates for your lifesavers so they can put them up on their wall or in their record of achievement. The power to save lives is definitely one to be proud of!

For trainees

Restart a Heart Day training certificate






For trainers

Restart a Heart Day trainer certificate






For volunteers

Restart a Heart Day volunteer certificate  





Lifesaving plaque

Print a plaque and hang in your school or organisation to commemorate your achievement of being a part of such a big and important event.

Lifesaving plaque for Restart a Heart Day






Videos to inspire your audience

Watch how Fabrice Muamba joins the Nation of Lifesavers.

Inspire your lifesavers with more CPR heroes stories.