Every superstar needs their CPR kit: order yours now!

Restart a Heart Day - CPR kit

Feeling anxious about putting on your own show?

Don’t worry, the crew has your back! All you need is a Call Push Rescue kit.


Train your lifesavers

Use your CPR kit to train anyplace, anytime.

Schools and organisations can only apply for one CPR kit. The training kit will allow you to train 35 people at a time and is reusable.

Our kits are free and include everything you need to get CPR training up and running:

  • inflatable manikins
  • practise-while-watching training DVDs
  • kneel mats
  • manikin wipes
  • extra manikin replacement parts
  • all contained in a handy carry bag

The CPR kit will also cover:

  • how and when to perform CPR on an adult or child
  • put someone in the recovery position
  • and how to use a public access defibrillator

When ordering your kit, you'll be taken to our Call Push Rescue kit application form to complete your details.